About me

I am a shaper

I am Kent Lingeveldt, a skateboarder, boardshaper and photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been skating for 25 years and shaping boards for 18 years. Offering quality handcrafted skateboards to a global market and being able to skate daily is what drives me.

About Alpha Longboards

One board at a time

At the heart of Alpha Longboards is skateboarding and an immersion in this culture that we love. A motto from the early days was and still is “BEG, BORROW, STEAL”. Not to promote illegal behavior, but to adopt a mindset that we will do what we need to skate. Born and raised on the streets of Cape Town’s Cape Flats, Alpha Longboards has, does, and will always be a skate culture brand first and foremost, translating what is true to us into what we offer the world.


For groms to grandmas

Please note that  boards are updated regularly and if there is something not in the online store but you have seen it on our social media platforms or a friend or family member has a design you like that we have done in the past, please do not hesitate to reach out at kent@alphalongboards.com

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