SHOOTER – Khaya Witbooi Art Board


“MADIVA  is both spoof and celebration. This is so because Witbooi’s paintings are spirited by a more optimistic vision of the world. He never negates, he is no cynic, no brittle ironist. Rather what fuels Witbooi’s paintings is their enabling humour. For the artist laughter is a tonic… But there is also something ingenious about Witbooi’s portrait of Madiba. Complete with bunny ears and rouged lips- and inspired Vladimir Tretchikoff’s sepulchral blue palette,  Madiva is a lite response to scandal, a playful segueing of an iconic and marmoreal figure into a creature fantastical, mildly absurd, endearingly quirky; a heady cocktail of drag, servility, enigmatic mimicry and buffoonery which smartly incepts, morphs, and reboots Mandela as Father-and-Mother-and-transgendered-and-anthromorphised figurehead of a nation.”- Ashraf Jamal in “IN THE WORLD”

Spraypaint and stencil on wood

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Dimensions 86 × 23 cm