About me

I am a shaper

I am Kent Lingeveldt, a skateboarder, boardshaper and photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been skating for 25 years and shaping boards for 18 years. Offering quality handcrafted skateboards to a global market and being able to skate daily is what drives me.

About Alpha Longboards

One board at a time

At the heart of Alpha Longboards is skateboarding and an immersion in this culture that we love. A motto from the early days was and still is “BEG, BORROW, STEAL”. Not to promote illegal behavior, but to adopt a mindset that we will do what we need to skate. Born and raised on the streets of Cape Town’s Cape Flats, Alpha Longboards has, does, and will always be a skate culture brand first and foremost, translating what is true to us into what we offer the world.


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